3rd “EcOffShoreBE” Webinar

The 3rd Webinar of the “EcOffShorBE” group will be held on the 26th of February, between 14:30 and 15:30, using the ZOOM platform.

EcOffshorBE (Eco Offshore Built Environment) is formed by the CiviTest company (leading entity) and the University of Minho (represented by the Departments of Biology, Industrial Electronics, Polymer Engineering and Civil Engineering).

This new collaborative structure aims to strengthen CiviTest’s and UMinho’s internal competencies in R&D, with a view to the future development of high performance (more durable and eco-sustainable) cementitious matrix materials for engineering and offshore construction to energy production.

The webinar features the following presentations:

  • Lúcio Lourenço | CiviTest
    “EcOffShoreBE – Introduction and main objectives”
  • Bruno Exposto & Mohamed Tanta | Vestas
    “Vestas offshore overview”
  • Fábio Figueiredo | Universidade do Minho
    “Exploring fibre reinforced concrete and FRP reinforcements for the development of innovative offshore Eolic towers – design and analysis”

​Webinar participation is free of charge. The link for registrations is available here.

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