Ovar opens bridge only 4 cm thick

CiviTest participated in the construction of the meetings for the installation of a prefabricated pedestrian bridge over the Cáster river in Ovar.
The pedestrian bridge is formed by a 40mm thick reinforced self-compacting concrete tray (BACRF), supported by pultruded profiles of glass matrix reinforced with glass fibers (GFRP), whose development was the scope of the Project QREN Pontalumis.
CiviTest also participated in the development of the BACRFA, in the execution of the prototypes for the experimental research programs and in the construction of the copy installed in Ovar.
The bridge, called Ponte São Silvestre, was inaugurated on 19 December 2015.
Press release: http://www.diarioaveiro.pt/noticia/327

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