Fibre reinforced mortar application for out-of-plane strengthening of schist walls

The aim of the present work is to assess the effectiveness of an innovative strengthening technique for the rehabilitation of masonry buildings deficiently prepared to resist to loading conditions typical of seismic events. This technique is based on the application of outer layers of fibre reinforced mortar (FRM) by spray technology and it is used for increasing the load carrying capacity and deformation ability of masonry elements. For this purpose three almost real scale schist walls prototypes were strengthened and tested. The experimental program is described and the relevant results are presented and discussed. For estimating the properties of the schist walls and FRM taking into account the application conditions, the tested prototypes were simulated with a FEM-based computer program that has constitutive models for the simulation of the nonlinear behaviour of these materials. By using the derived properties, a parametric study was conducted to identify the influence of the FRM properties on the performance of the proposed strengthening system.

Colombo, M.; Valente, T.D.S.; Barros, J.A.O.; Aprile, A.; Lourenço, L.A.P., “Fibre reinforced mortar application for out-of-plane strengthening of schist walls”, Construction and Building Materials Journal, 121, 185-197, September 2016.

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